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Weight Loss tips for Busy People

Busy?! Too busy to work on weight loss? Click the pic below for some helpful tips:

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Links, links, and more links! And one recipe…

In honor of the current warm up song in the RPM classes at my gym…moves like Jagger, we got the moves like Jagger: But, forget RPM.  I think I’ll start training to lead this, instead. =] : And, one more … Continue reading

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Yummy Basil Salad Dressing

This is a yummy salad!  Kale, leftover garlic-roasted potatoes (sweet and regular), shredded carrots, crushed up blue chips, and avocado.  Not bad.  But, the best part is the dressing: 2 T. extra virgin olive oil fresh lemon juice to taste. … Continue reading

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Click the pic above for 10 grrrrrrrrrreat motivational tips to keep you fine and fit from “The Healthy Diva” (that was a LOT of f’s.), a wonderful blog I discovered today.  Enjoy!!!!!

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Healthy Snack

Favorite healthy snack these days?  Greek yogurt and grapes.  Yum!   I use organic grapes because they’re listed on the “Dirty Dozen” , pesticide contaminated produce: Peaches Apples Sweet Bell Peppers Celery Nectarines Strawberries Cherries Pears Grapes (Imported) Spinach Lettuce … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday…almost :)

Why should we eat lots of veggies?  Click the pic above to find out at “knowabouthealth.com”. To link your blog with the  “Wordless Wednesday” blogs go to The RunningGarlic’s blog. 🙂 I haven’t figured out how post a link app … Continue reading

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Help! I ate too much yesterday! What do I do today?!

Think proteins and vegetables.  Lotsa water.  Green tea, too if you can handle caffeine. Ok. Here’s what I’m eating today to make up for yesterday (I am eating fruit in the morning.) AND For Lunch: For Snacks: Veggies, as much … Continue reading

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Joy Fit Club!

I love watching The Joy Fit Club! What’s the Joy Fit Club?  A segment on the Today Show where overweight people share their dramatic weight loss stories. Best thing about it?  They didn’t diet! They dropped the junk and picked … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Want it on Your Waist, Leave it in the Store!!!!

    Leave the cookies, crackers and chips on the shelf for the skinny people. “Skinny People” are creeps people who can eat WHATEVER they want, WHENEVER they want,  AND keep looking trim. If that ain’t you, leave the Oreos … Continue reading

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Joy Fit Club!

I love watching the Joy Fit Club segments on the Today Show. click pic to watch video.   Click the picture to watch the video. Wow!  My favorite part is when they show what she ate before compared to her … Continue reading

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