Salad 101

I love salad!  Here’s how I make mine:

First, I assemble the ingredients. Today it’s organic turkey breast, lime, grapefruit (not shown), kale, celery, garlic, celery and avocado.


Then I get out a BIG bowl. I eat a HUGE salad.  It all breaks down to nothing in your tummy, so you can pig out on salads.


Next, I make the dressing in the bottom of the bowl. Today I mashed up an avocado, squeezed in 1/2 each grapefruit/lime. Sprinkled in some red pepper flakes and sea salt. Whipped it up till creamy with a wire whisk. I could have added just a tad of real maple syrup, too. That would have been good, but I forgot =/


I make my own croutons by toasting a slice of Ezekiel Bread…


I butter it (real butter. Margarine is 4-letter word here at Skinnyandfit!) Then I rub it all over with a garlic clove and sprinkle with sea salt.


I chop it up into cubes, and – voila’- homemade croutons, minus preservatives and artificial ingredients. Yum!

Hope you’re not getting bored.  There’s just a few more steps….

I tear the greens into smaller pieces and toss into bowl (kale, in this case) , stir to coat with dressing.


Then I chop up the veggies and meat (if I’m having meat. Most times, I don’t)….


Toss it all together, and bon appetit!

I try to eat salad for lunch every day.

Hope this helps somebody out there! =]


About gloriadelia

I'm a Christian, homeschool mom, artist, musician, and writer. I love to sing and draw and write and play the guitar more than anything, and I LOVE the Word of God!
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