Diet Trumps Exercise


Diet Trumps Exercise.  Period.

If you are working out regularly, but eating at McDonald’s, forget about it.

You won’t be happy when you look in the mirror, or stand on the scale.

If you are not eating at McDonald’s, but eat muffins, bagels, sugary coffee drinks, or downing several alcoholic beverages several times a week, forget about it.

I’ve lost 65 lbs over the last few years.  How?  Eating mainly fruits and veggies, light meats, and whole grains.

I eat A LOT, but I maintain my weight.

I snack regularly.  But I make healthy choices.

I started with baby steps….1/2 the syrup when I’d order a mocha,

starting the day with scrambled eggs and whole grain toast, instead of pancakes,

giving up my weekly pizza and beer –this took awhile =) .

Step by step toward better health and a smaller body.

Me, before. (on vacation in the Badlands, 2007)
Me, after (2011). Recently certified to be an RPM instructor at my gym.

I started reading articles in the health magazines at the gym when I’d ride the bike, brainwashing myself with what was good and not so good to put in my mouth.

It’s a choice.  There’s tons of good advice on the web.  You choose.  You decide.

Baby steps…..


About gloriadelia

I'm a Christian, homeschool mom, artist, musician, and writer. I love to sing and draw and write and play the guitar more than anything, and I LOVE the Word of God!
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5 Responses to Diet Trumps Exercise

  1. davidisfat says:

    More people should realize this, and too often people use the excuse of a “good” workout to binge on the garbage they’re trying to give up. You look great (healthy). Congratulations on your success.

    Kindest regards,

  2. newsy1 says:

    OMG your transformation is astounding. I’m sure you feel as good as you look. Great blog.

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