What’s a girl to eat?!

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Chocolate!!!!!!! Yes! It made the list.  I can hear Nat King Cole now…sing it, Nat!

“There’s a smile on my face, for the whole human race. Why it’s almost like bein’ in love…”

What list you say?

The 32 Essential Foods for Women List, of course!

Here’s the other 31:

  1. Almonds
  2. Avocados
  3. Bananas
  4. Beans
  5. Berries
  6. Broccoli
  7. Butternut squash
  8. Cabbage
  9. Citrus
  10. Eggs
  11. Flaxseeds
  12. Kiwifruit
  13. Leafy greens
  14. Lean red meat
  15. Lentils
  16. Mangoes
  17. Olives
  18. Pomegranates
  19. Pumpkin
  20. Red grapes
  21. Salmon
  22. Sardines
  23. Sesame seeds
  24. Soy
  25. Spinach
  26. Sweet potatoes
  27. Tea
  28. Turkey
  29. Turmeric
  30. Walnuts
  31. Yogurt

There you have it!  Eat up!


About gloriadelia

I'm a Christian, homeschool mom, artist, musician, and writer. I love to sing and draw and write and play the guitar more than anything, and I LOVE the Word of God!
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2 Responses to What’s a girl to eat?!

  1. KIM TALCOTT says:

    YUMMY!!! True love! Thanks for that encouragement!!

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