Travel tips

Off to “OooooooOK-Lahoma!

“OooooooOk-lahoma! where the winds come sweepin’ down the plain….Oklahoma! O.K.!” (click pic for source)

And what will I eat for 7 hours while my family drives to those wind-swept plains?

Thinking about it is important.


Because I’ve learned that what I pack IN the cooler will pack ON my thighs later, if I’m not careful!

Cooler #1:

Contents: almond slivers, chocolate covered almonds (for my husband and son…I may have a few 🙂  ), yogurt covered pretzels (husband, son’s), pumpkins seeds.

Cooler #2, the cold stuff:

Contents: pomegranate seeds (yummy and HEALTHY.) grapes, carrots, apples, avocado half (I eat this out of the shell with a throw-away spoon), cranberry juice (I mix concentrate into a full water bottle), almond butter (I’ll spread this on Ezekial Bread -not pictured- or onto a banana or dip carrots into it or apple slices), bananas.

AND chia seeds.  I’ll mix 2 table spoons into glass of water and stir just before we leave.  In a few minutes it’ll form into a gel, like runny jello or tapioca pudding.  I drink it or spoon it out of the glass.  Chia is full of good stuff and energy which helps me stay alert while I drive.

OOps!  I forgot to include the boiled eggs and celery sticks in the pictures above.

There’s lots of other choices I could have made, but this is what I had on hand.

The important thing is to pack IN your cooler/basket what WON’T pack ON your thighs later or clog your brain while you drive.

What do you eat when you drive long hours?


About gloriadelia

I'm a Christian, homeschool mom, artist, musician, and writer. I love to sing and draw and write and play the guitar more than anything, and I LOVE the Word of God!
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